Drummer Wanted Book & Audio

Drummer Wanted Book/Audio (Signed Copy)

Drummer Wanted is a styles book and audio play-along that provides drummers with a foundation necessary to play a multitude of gigs: Broadway, West End, Vegas, cruise ships, theme parks, studio, television, casinos, resorts, and theatre. Loaded with 84 stylistic beats and 29 tailored play-along charts, this book opens the door to real-life drumming skills and provides the tools essential in succeeding as a working drummer.



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“As an educator, it a ‘must buy’ for my students, and as a performer I will use it as a constant reference. If this book had been around in my formative years, I’m sure my journey would have been made far easier.” Elliott Henshaw (West End, Independent, Studio, Television)

“That’s it. You covered it all; there’s nothing left to do – I love the book!” Pete Magadini (Performer, Educator, and Author)

“This book authentically outlines the importance of being well-rounded, but also incorporates useful exercises as well as real-life drumming challenges and applications.” Jason Gianni (Co-author of The Drummer’s Bible, Drummers Collective)

“Daniel has given the drumming community a very versatile and useful study. This book will open you up to different options of playing drums.” Dom Famularo (Drumming’s Global Ambassador)

Drummie Award 2015

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